Tap, Hip-Hop, Broadway & Jazz/Contemporary

  • Broadway Jazz (ages 5-11) consists of an energetic warm up, stretching and strengthening exercises, body isolations (head, shoulders, hips) as well as jazz walks, swings, kicks, and turns across the floor. Students will work towards gaining strong jazz technique and theatrical performance quality. Broadway combinations will encourage students to explore their individual style and teach them to move with a low center of gravity and high level of energy. 

  • Tap (ages 5-11) focuses on musicality, rhythm, and speed of percussive footwork. Class consists of a rhythmical warm up, foot progressions across the floor, and diverse combinations. Students will work towards building flexibility of the knees and ankles, consistency, and coordination. Students will learn the importance of timing and the aesthetics of sound by creating their own “music” with their feet while maintaining stage presence.

  • Jazz/Contemporary Kids This class brings together contemporary, jazz and great music. Class format consists of a warm-up to enhance core strengthening, balance, and extensions through isolations, rhythmic exercises, and floor stretches. Class includes across the floor patterns and short dance routines. Students study jazz and contemporary techniques, and learn to build complex combinations and routines. 

  • Hop-Hop ages 7+ is taught by Kiara M Narvaez. A master of dance performance and technology. Kiara facilitates Hip Hop kids as a study and practice of foundational elements in hip hop dance from the 80’s to early 2000’s. Hip hop kids will learn rhythm through the foundational moves of Waacking, House, Breakdance, Electro Boogie, and Trend dances.


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